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Just a little eggstra…..

Soon you will see these tasty eggs in your order again. This time it’s delicious stuffed Easter eggs. Curious how they taste? You’ll have to look for them though, because I’ve hidden them ;-). Place your order by calling or WhatsApp one of our specialists on +31 (0)85 6202722 or send an email to That’s a breeze isn’t it?
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The smoother the better….

This powerful hand concrete sander, suitable for 125mm cup wheels, is a favourite because of its adjustable speed. The machine has an overload and overheating indicator that allows you to work at exactly the right speed. When you need to sand close to the wall, you can fold your dust cover aside without tools. The suspension in the brushes ensures better dust extraction and the concrete grinder has an ergonomic handle at the front.
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actie strand slippers

Orange Floor iQ bath slippers for you!

Now that the temperatures are rising again, flip-flops are very useful. And especially if they are bright orange in FloorIQ design. They are striking, so you don’t have to fear that someone else will run away with them. The flip flops are in stock from July 14th. Of course, you can also reserve or pre-order because if they’re out of stock it’s bad luck! Because most of our customers are living big, there are several large sizes available: 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46.
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