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Slidemag Diamond Wings

The diamond wings slidemag premium come in different types, each optimized for a floor type. The wings can be used wet or dry. The wings are available in various grain sizes. Grain 18-20 for coatings and thin top layers. Grain 30-40 to create adhesion for top layers. Grain 60-80 to create adhesion for water-based coatings. Grit 120-150 last metal bonded step for polishing.

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Diamond Wings


Soft floors such as sand cement, anhydrite, rainy concrete and decorative gravel floors # 18-20 & # 30-40


Universal floors such as egaline and concrete floors # 18-20 # 30-40 # 60-80 # 120-150


Hard floors such as hard egaline, monolithic finished concrete, natural stone and armored floors # 18-20 # 30-40 # 60-80 # 120-150


Tar residues, glue residues and the cracking of hard concrete. Special coarse grain # 20-25


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