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Meet the team, stay informed of new developments within FloorIQ and the latest milling techniques.


A box full of disc blades ❤

This Valentine’s Day we make your order a little sweeter… It doesn’t matter if you love us a little bit or if you love us very much. We would like to surprise you with our tasty discs: the orange, gray and white cutter blades. But then to snack. Of course we don’t know what your favorite taste is yet and because it’s Valentine’s Day we have added a few more kisses! At Floor IQ we love details and we try to implement that everywhere. This also applies to your order in this Valentine’s Day. If you order between 5 February and 15 February, there will be extra flavor in your Mepal bread bin.
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Duurzaam Actie

Do you like sandwiches?

Then leave your (sandwich) bag at home. You contribute to the environment withthis uniquely designed lunch box. You don’t need plastic bags for your lunch withthese fun reusable lunch packs. That saves a lot of plastic waste! And enough space,because at least 8 sandwiches fit in it.
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Longopac Mini

Are you 2020 proof?

Vacuum cleaning, often the least favorite job, but a very important one! And as you may already know, industrial vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. You must comply with laws and regulations. Now that you feel it coming, the European Union has made the laws and regulations for 2020 even stricter. Now I can hear you thinking, help! Now I have to figure out what has been changed ?!
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