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De ideale combinatie voor frezen in beton

Concrete Milling

The perfect combination for milling slots in concrete is with a three-phase machine. You can mill in concrete with the standard E4 or semi E4, or you can opt for our completely self-propelled underfloor heating milling machine.

It is best to combine one of these milling machines with our twin-motor vacuum cleaner FIQ-122H, Husqvarna DE120 or a BDC-150LVC when you want to mill wet. This is a three-motor vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and a pump to drain water. You need this water to cool down. This composition ensures that you can mill wet into concrete. When you add a pre-separator to this, you have the set completely complete and you also mill with little dust.

See below our three-phase underfloor heating milling machines that form a perfect combination with milling in concrete.

Perfect for concrete Fine for concrete Need more power in concrete

Necessary generator for three-phase milling machines: the machine needs between 380 and 420 volts continuously. 400V 16A 5-pole with C characteristic.

Fire®: the one and only blade for concrete

Fire® This diamond cutter blade will help you with brute force on your most challenging concrete floor! You can use it both dry and wet.

We have Floor iQ premium quality milling blades for the milling machines. We have developed these diamond milling blades on the basis of our machines, so you can be sure of the best milling result and good maintenance of your machine.

These milling blades also meet the highest quality and safety requirements, which is why we can supply these diamond milling blades with the OSA quality mark.

A handy trencher for smaller spaces or along the distributor.

The AGP-CG150 is a very powerful 2500W trenching machine. This hand router is an ideal addition to our underfloor heating router. For example, it can be used when milling spaces where there is little space or close to the distributor.

This trencher is powerful enough to use a diamond underfloor heating cutter blade. For the least resistance, it is best to use our white diamond cutter blade. The machine has a soft starter, overload and thermal protection.

Tip: In combination with our white router blade Fire ® you have the least resistance.

Thunder®: when you really need thunder and lightning.

Its name says it all, but its beautiful white color and appearance with a tooth here and there may suggest otherwise: this milling blade causes thunder and lightning when you stand on a ‘mission impossible’ concrete floor. If you need to cut trenches there, choose the Thunder® under your machine instead of the Fire®.

With a tooth here and there, he keeps his cool when it comes down to it. You can use it both wet and dry, but it likes a little water in hard concrete.

Ask Leendert-Jan or Jascha

Our account managers can tell you everything about milling in concrete.