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Everything you need to rout underfloor heating quickly & easily.The right diamond tool for your job.Knowledge and expertise in diamond tools, floor heating and proper dust extraction.

Diamond tools

The best blades for every floor surface. Our range offers flooring professionals the right tools and materials for all floors. We recommend that for best results you use the machines only in combination with diamond tuck point blades approved by FloorIQ.

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Diamond tuck point blades

FloorIQ supplies diamond tuck point blades made exclusively from the best raw materials and developed in-house by our own professionals. These tuck point blades are oSa-approved and therefore meet the highest quality and safety requirements.

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Fermacell tuck points

Our diamond tuck point blades have been developed by our own professionals and meet the high safety standards of the oSa.

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Diamond discs

Discs for sanding different surfaces, including challenging substances such as glue residues, paint layers and plaster spillages.

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Diamond drill bits

Our drill bits are of the highest European quality, manufactured in-house. All sizes are available on request, even those not listed on the website!

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Diamond saw blades

Diamond saw blades are available in two versions, dry and wet. A dry saw blade can be used for dry and wet sawing, whereas a wet saw blade can only be used for wet sawing applications.

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Diamond drill bits

Our drill bits are of the highest European quality, manufactured in-house. All sizes are available on request, even those not listed on the website!

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Ask Remco

Our account manager can tell you everything you need to know about FloorIQ diamond tools.

Diamond tools from FlooriQ

FlooriQ has a wide range of diamond tools. We have the right diamond cutting disc for every surface! Within our range, you can choose from several applications regarding the right diamond tool.

Diamond cutting blades

Our diamond cutting blades are used in combination with our underfloor heating milling machines. Our approved diamond milling blades are composed of the best raw materials, developed by our own professionals. Our milling blades are suitable for different types of floors. This includes soft concrete, hard concrete or extremely hard floors or even an existing tiled floor. The milling blades are produced and certified according to OSA standards. This ensures both quality and safety.

Diamond discs

For all types of surfaces, we have diamond blades for single-headed sanders, bowl blades and wings for 3- or 4-headed sanders. At FlooriQ, we know all there is to know about diamond discs. We use 100% synthetic diamond particles for all our diamond products. These synthetic diamonds are regular and consistent in size and crystal shape, which gives a vastly improved cutting performance and longer life to your diamond tools. Depending on the type of floor you need to grind, there is always a suitable diamond wheel. Our diamond tools have a unique colour-coded system, specially designed so that you know which tool to use depending on the hardness of the surface.

Diamond drills

Thick-walled diamond drill bits, thin-walled diamond drill bits, crown drills and our box drill. We have developed our diamond core bits especially for hand-held and standing drilling machines. Diamond drills are used for drilling into various materials and substrates, such as asphalt, concrete and hard rock.

Diamond saw blade

Diamond saw blades come in two versions: dry and wet. A dry diamond saw blade can be used both dry and wet. A wet diamond saw blade can only be used when wet. Naturally, we also offer diamond blades for every individual machine and application.

The saw blades are known for their strong manufacturing and long life. Our diamond saw blades are specially designed for the

removal of coatings, epoxies, adhesive residues, road markings and thermoplastics. They are also suitable for levelling uneven concrete floors and removing concrete, asphalt, stone or other hard materials

Fermacell milling blade

Do you often work with plasterboard floors? Then we have our Fermacell cutter blade. With this, you can mill grooves in plasterboard floors. The segments are manually positioned, allowing you to create smooth curves. When milling plasterboard floors, please be aware that a lot of dust is released and protect yourself against this.

Personal contact or want to know more about our diamond tools?

Do you have questions about our diamond tools? We will gladly provide personal advice regarding the correct application of our diamond tools. Our account managers are happy to tell you more. Feel free to contact us at + 31 (0)85 620 27 11 or email at