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Everything you need to rout underfloor heating quickly & easily.The right diamond tool for your job.Knowledge and expertise in diamond tools, floor heating and proper dust extraction.

Floor heating milling machine

With more than 15 years of experience in the development and production of milling machines, a Floor iQ machine is top quality assured. All milling machines are CE certified and come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Since every floor, every project and every customer is different, we are happy to advise you personally for the right milling machine.

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Underfloor heating milling machine from FlooriQ

FlooriQ has been producing high-quality and reliable underfloor heating milling machines for the construction industry for more than 15 years. With our FlooriQ underfloor heating milling machines, you are guaranteed top quality. All milling machines are CE certified and come with 1 year warranty.

Underfloor heating milling machine for every job

With our underfloor heating milling machine, you can install underfloor heating in an existing floor easily, quickly and simply. Our underfloor heating milling machines are suitable for a wide range of floor types. With the underfloor milling machine, you can create even grooves in different floors. The machine makes slots in an existing floor, cement floor, concrete floor (400V) or tile floor (400V). After the trenches are cut, the heating pipes can be inserted directly. After testing the pipes, the grooves can be sealed and the top floor can be placed directly on top. This prevents the need to demolish an old floor, which ultimately saves you a considerable amount of time and dust.

Which underfloor heating milling machine is right for you?

Are you also looking for a underfloor heating milling machine? Choose the right underfloor heating milling machine for your situation:

• Standard underfloor heating milling machine, for milling grooves and bends for pipes in almost all types of floor surfaces, push bar in two positions, available in 230V for soft floors or 400V for harder floors.

• Standard underfloor heating milling machine E4, an upgraded model of the standard milling machine with a larger and potentially more powerful motor, available in 4.0kW in 400V version.

• Semi self-propelled underfloor milling machine, with an auxiliary drive system, ideal if you want more comfort when milling, available in 230V for softer floors or 400V for harder floors.

• Fully self-propelled underfloor milling machine, an all-round machine with which you can easily make grooves and bends in almost all surfaces, ideal when you want more comfort while milling, available in 400V for anhydrite, concrete and tile floors, for use in anhydrite, concrete and tile floors, for example.

• Light floor milling machine, a lightweight floor milling machine, the ideal machine for floors and split-level houses, available in 230V.

Low-dust milling with your floor milling machine

When considering purchasing an underfloor heating milling machine from FlooriQ, we always advise you to consider the possibilities for low-dust milling. We will gladly tell you more about our 2-motor industrial vacuum and pre-separator. Our industrial vacuums are equipped with an H-class filter, which makes the vacuum cleaner suitable for working with concrete dust and fine dust. More information about our industrial vacuum cleaners?

Underfloor heating milling machine Maintenance Service

To support our installation technicians in challenging times, we offer a maintenance service. If you encounter any unexpected defects, we offer a quick repair service. As we know like no other: every second counts on the shop floor!

Personal contact or more information about our milling machines?

As every floor, every project and every client is unique, we are happy to provide personal advice regarding the right milling machine. Our account managers will gladly tell you more about this. Feel free to contact us on + 31 (0)85 620 27 22 or mail to