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Industrial vacuum cleaners

All industrial vacuum cleaners have an H-class filter, which makes the vacuum cleaner suitable for working with concrete dust and fine dust.

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Industrial vacuum cleaner by FlooriQ

FlooriQ supplies industrial vacuum cleaners to create a safe and dust-free working environment. This is important for your health and also necessary for areas where dust is not tolerated or where dust can have dangerous implications. FlooriQ also has industrial vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter.

Industrial vacuum cleaner

All of our underfloor heating milling machines are equipped with local exhaust ventilation. This means that you can perform low-dust milling when connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner, which collects all dust and other small hazardous particles that are released. When you are milling, the vacuum cleaner ensures that your dust enters the machine and not the air. Using high-performance dust collectors is the only way to protect yourself or your workmen.

Our industrial vacuum cleaner paired with a pre-separator

When purchasing our industrial vacuum cleaners, we always recommend purchasing them together with a pre-separator. These pre-separators can triple the life of the filters, as they collect 80-90% of the dust before it enters the dust collector. Pre-separators are placed between the machine and the dust collector. It also prevents a reduction in the suction power of the industrial vacuum cleaner. Pre-separators are equipped with a Longopac bagging system that is easy to install and handle.

Low-dust milling with your industrial vacuum cleaner

When you consider purchasing an underfloor heating milling machine from FlooriQ, we advise you to think about the possibilities for dust-free milling. We are happy to tell you more about our 2-motor industrial vacuum cleaners and pre-separators. Our industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with an H-class filter, which makes the vacuum cleaner suitable for working with concrete dust and fine dust.

FlooriQ recommended industrial vacuum cleaner?

Also looking for an industrial vacuum cleaner? Choose the right vacuum cleaner for your situation:


  • The FIQ-122H is also a dual motor vacuum equipped with the convenient Longopac system. In addition to the M-class filter, this vacuum cleaner also features a Hepa filter. This stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and keeps even the smallest dust particles in the bag, available in 25 kg, M-class filter with Hepa filter and supplied with 6 metres of 51 mm vacuum hose and Longopac cassette;


  • The BDC-150LVC is a three-engine vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filter and a pump for water drainage. A sieve at the top separates the larger pumped material from the rest, available in 89 kg, Hepa filter and supplied with a small hose for draining;


  • The DE 120 is a two-engine vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filter. and a pump for water drainage. Low weight and powerful, available in 39 kg, Hepa filter and supplied with squeegee and Longopac cassette;
  • NILFISK 761-21 XC Nilfisk has several industrial vacuum cleaners, but the Nilfisk ALTO ATTIX 761 21 XC is a single motor vacuum cleaner suitable for both wet and dry applications. The dust collects in the container, which comes with a frame so that a dust bag can be placed in the container. The filter cleaning system is fully automatic, available in 27 kg, automatic extreme clean system and air displacement of 3,600 litres per minute.


  • We recommend using a PRE-SEPARATOR with our underfloor heating milling machine and industrial vacuum cleaner. As approximately 40 kg of dust is released per group, you should always stop after 4 to 5 groups to clear the filter. When using the pre-separator, approximately 70% of the dust remains in the pre-separator, so this has the great advantage that the filter needs to be tapped less often, and therefore your vacuum cleaner is under less strain. The pre-separator is only 11 kg and is supplied complete with base and frame.

FlooriQ recommended Longopac dust bags

Also looking for dust bags for your construction vacuum cleaner? Choose the suitable dust bags for you

Longopac cassettes. Box with 4 pieces of Longopac cassettes, each 20 meters in length. Including tiras for closing the Longopac dust bag. These longopa cassettes are suitable for: FIQ-122H, Husqvarna DE120 Blastrac, Pullman, Emator, Nilfisk CFM and HTC vacuum cleaner.

Personal contact or more information about our industrial vacuum cleaners?

As every floor, every project and every client is unique, we are happy to provide personal advice regarding the right industrial vacuum. Our account managers will gladly tell you more about this. Feel free to contact us on + 31 (0)85 620 27 22 or mail to