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Industrial vacuum cleaner Nilfisk Alto Attix 761-21 XC

Powerful one-engine vacuum suitable for both dry and wet usage. We deliver this vacuum cleaner just a little more extensively to work safer. You receive a tailor-made frame for the bin, making it possible to use the supplied dust bags. In this way you don’t have to tip or scoop the dust bin, which is also better for your lungs. We also replace the 27 mm dust hose supplied as standard with a decent 38 mm dust hose. Nice vacuum cleaner to start with in combination with a 230V floor heating milling machine.

Additional information


Nilfisk 761-21XC


1500W I 230V I 50-60Hz


3600 l/min


PET Nano filter

Reiniging filter

Automatic cleaning


L 60,5 B 58, H 97cm



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