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Everything you need to rout underfloor heating quickly & easily.The right diamond tool for your job.Knowledge and expertise in diamond tools, floor heating and proper dust extraction.

Black Friday: Origin®

BLACK FRIDAY at Floor iQ: shop our “black” diamond tuck points with a discount until Wednesday 30 November. Take advantage of our promotional price of 5 pieces (70 euros excl. VAT per milling blade) for €350 excluding VAT. The black tuck point is suitable for soft to medium floors. Place Origin® under your milling machine and make meters in fresh cement screed. We have the cutter blades available in 120x16mm, 120x17mm, 130x16mm and 130x17mm and available from stock*  
Order your black Origin® set by calling or whats-apping +31 (0)85 6202722 or send an email to while supplies last*                      

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Black Friday