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Everything you need to rout underfloor heating quickly & easily.The right diamond tool for your job.Knowledge and expertise in diamond tools, floor heating and proper dust extraction.
De ideale combinatie voor frezen in beton

Floor preparation!

In addition to our trusted milling machines, Floor iQ has a range of grinding machines suitable for floor & wall preparation. Consider the trusted quality of the Blastrac / Husqvarna machines.

From single-headed hand grinders (230V) with diameters of 125mm and 180mm to a grinding machine that you stand behind with a grinding disc of 250mm diameter at 230V or 400V for medium-sized and large floors.

We also have multi-head sanders from Blastrac / Husqvarna (e.g. BMG-444) with which you can easily and evenly process larger surfaces with little noise. Perfect for removing coatings and adhesive residues or creating adhesion on a new monolithic finished concrete floor. In combination with the right vacuum cleaner, you limit ambient dust. To reduce this even further, we also have a range of air cleaners.

We have a special wet vacuum line for working with water. Including the FIQ-150LVC or the W70P and the 761-21XC. These vacuum cleaners are specially designed for sucking water with slurry from the floor.

Solution for dust? Yes, with the Longopac cassettes, each 20 meters long, you can get by for a while.

Grinding machines Diamond tools Wet vacuum cleaner Longopac and dust bags

Suitable for various products from Husqvarna machines (formerly Blastrac machines and products), Nilfisk machines.

Diamond disc, cup wheels and wings

We have the right diamond disc or wing for every floor.

The wings are for both wet and dry use. The wings are available in different grain sizes. Our diamond products are suitable for various Blastrac, Husqvarna, HTC, AGP and Festool grinders such as: AGP G-125 and G180, AGP G5 and G7 and the Blastrac BGV-125AV, BGV-180AVO, BG-250E, BGS-250, BMG-444, BMG555, BMG735, BMG780.

All our cup wheels, 250mm discs and wings meet the highest quality and safety requirements, and they therefore bear the OSA quality mark.

View our diamond discs

Floor grinders

Expand your machine park? For our flooring specialists and installers, we have added the Blastrac / Husqvarna BMG-444 to our range. You can now solve most floor problems yourself with this 230V floor grinder. With a wide wheelbase, manoeuvrable and low noise level (machine is foldable for easy transport), this machine is ideal for those dealing with removing coatings, adhesive residues or grinding and polishing concrete. Time saving? Yes, this Blastrac machine has 155mm adapter plates for HTC EZ-change wings. The name says it all, with this system you can easily change wings, seen you can slide them on.

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Good to know! With this Blastrac machine type BMG-444 you can grind both dry and wet.

Bouwstofzuiger BDC-150VLC

Three-engined wet vacuum: FIQ-150LVC

We have the water vacuum cleaner FIQ-150LVC, previously known as BDC-150LVC, specially developed for very hard floors that are milled with water. This industrial water vacuum cleaner is used to vacuum large quantities of water and slurry.

This water vacuum cleaner is equipped with three motors. At the top of the water vacuum cleaner there is a sieve where the larger rock remains and the water with dust sinks down. You can drain this using the built-in submersible pump. In short, this powerful water vacuum makes working on the construction floor a lot easier.

View our FIQ-150LVC water vacuum cleaner

Tip! This water vacuum cleaner is one of the most powerful models on 230V.

Collecting dust?

Want to save time on your job and change your dust bag quickly and cleanly? This is possible thanks to the unique longopac system and you do not have to use unnecessary plastic. Which is also good for the environment.

View our dust bags
These longopac cassettes are suitable for: FIQ-122H, Husqvarna DE 120, Husqvarna DE 110, Blastrac vacuum cleaner 122H, Blastrac vacuum cleaner 133H, Pullman Ermator, Nilfisk CFM and HTC vacuum cleaners.
Longopac mini

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