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Everything you need to rout underfloor heating quickly & easily.The right diamond tool for your job.Knowledge and expertise in diamond tools, floor heating and proper dust extraction.

Ready… (start) set: Go!

De light Floor heating milling machine is an ideal machine for milling of slots and corners in almost every screed. Because of its light weight, this machine is very easy to transport and, for example, can also be used conveniently on mezzanine floors. It has a motor that is as powerful as our other underfloor heating milling machines and the depth of the milling blade is infinitely adjustable, so that if you use the right tuck point you can mill at utmost ease in any desired width and depth. If you want to mill dust-free, the combination with the Nilfisk ALTO ATTIX 761 21 XC is ideal.
Now temporarily for a nice starter price: € 4545,-* + two free orange milling blades. Price is ex. VAT and shipping costs.
*while supplies last

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2200W I 230V



Width tuck point

11, 15, 16, 17, 19mm

Recommended tuck point

120mm, 130mm

Milling depth

Till 24mm with a 120mm tuck point


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