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An equal floor is very important for milling. Otherwise you will hardly get any further, but you also prefer to keep your milling machine intact. Who wants to have to lift the machine every now and then to continue milling? Exactly. With the new PCD cup wheels this problem is solved and you have the best option in the house. At least, if you like smooth floors. Or like to multitask. What is so useful about the new PCD cup wheels? We will explain it to you!

Double as fast

It is not the end of the world of course, to have to sand evenly after removing glue residues on the floor. But what if you could have milled one group in the same time. Exactly, time is money! As you may know from our PCD cup wheels, they are made for removing raw material. Yet with the new PCD disks, they have thought of everything to make your (work) life as easy as possible. This sanding disc helps you to remove elastic types of glue or egaline. At the same time, the disc provides a more even sanding appearance by making the surface more even. Handy when you want to continue milling quickly. Or when you just like to have long coffee breaks.

Double as long

Have you ever bought a cup wheel to find out after one job that the wheel is already used up? Not a nice moment. These updated PCD cup wheels are equipped with abrasive segments that wear with the PCD point. This will keep the disk working much better and longer. Handy, it also saves you time to order new discs!
Have we sparked you interest? You can find the new PCD cup wheels on our website. Still have some small doubts? Get in touch with our specialist by calling +31(0)85 6202722, or send an email to

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