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Everything you need to rout underfloor heating quickly & easily.The right diamond tool for your job.Knowledge and expertise in diamond tools, floor heating and proper dust extraction.

Welcome customer, what can we help you with today?

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Congratulations customer! You are the owner of a standard heating milling E4 machine with serial number (unknown).

This machine is extremely comfortable and built for your convenience. If something does not go quite as it should, you will find useful instructions on this service page so that you can quickly continue milling.

Here, we also give you a number of handy tips for the maintenance and use of your underfloor heating milling machine and you will find an overview of products that you can order to make your machine function optimally.

The instructions in our service videos are step-by-step and clearly formulated. Do you still have a question or would you rather speak to one of our enthusiastic colleagues? Then click on the links below.

The right tools for your Standard underfloor heating milling machine E4

Diamond is your best friend.

With this Standard E4 underfloor heating milling machine from FlooriQyou have bought one of the very best milling machines. And of course we don’t just sell a milling blade with that. We therefore advise to only use the underfloor heating machines in combination with Floor IQ approved diamond milling blades.

Our diamond milling blades are made with the very best raw materials and highly critically assessed diamonds. The milling blades are developed by our own professionals. We also carry out research and product development of our milling blades in-house. This keeps our lines short and allows us to switch quickly. No diamond milling blade leaves our house without the OSA quality mark. You are always assured of quality and safety, so that you achieve a top result with your machine.


Products for your machine

Useful products for using your milling machine.

Diamant freesblad

Diamond tools

Our diamond cutter blades are developed by our own professionals and meet OSA’s high safety requirements. View the products.

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F1 vervangingsset VLFR-D4.0

Accessoires & parts

Extra’s for improving, replenishing and repairing your machines. View the products.

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Take care!

Your machine will continue to work perfectly if you maintain it properly. We are happy to help you with these tips to keep your machine in the best form.

  • Make sure you use the correct disc for the correct surface. If used incorrectly, the disc wears much faster and can potentially damage your machine.
  • Keep in mind that the amp meter shows a maximum of 9 amps. Does the amp meter read more than 9 amps? Then check the disk you are using More than 9 or even 10 amps can overload and damage the machine.
  • After every 10 to 12 milling jobs, remove the dust cover and belt cover and remove dust and dirt. This prevents accumulation problems with the saw spindle or the toothed belt.

Exploded view

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Ask Leendert-Jan or Remco

Do you still have any questions? Or are you having trouble with our instructional videos? Our account managers can tell you everything about the floorIQ tools. They can also make a repair appointment if necessary.